MYTH – PULSE OXIMETER helps in Early Detection of COVID-19

Before you buy a Pulse Oximeter...

With COVID-19 pandemic gripping the world. People are scrambling for any gadget or device which is being sold or fancied with the idea can help you in your fight against COVID-19. 

Pulse Oximeters are medical devices that monitor the level of oxygen in a patient’s blood and alert the health-care worker if oxygen levels drop below safe levels, allowing rapid intervention. These devices are essential in any setting in which a patient’s blood oxygen levels requires monitoring like operations, emergency and intensive care, and treatment and recovery in hospital wards.

The Larger issue we are addressing here is not against purchase of these unwanted device’s (even though it is a scam of different commercial magnitude.) but how human psychology works when they buy same or unable to buy same – 

  • When People End up stocking / buying these un-called and un-wanted devices, it naturally lowers their GUARD. 
  • It gives a false sense/impression of security which is not protecting against the COVID-19.
  • Drain on Financial Resources in these uncertain times. 
  • Raised level of Anxiety in those who are unable to afford same. 
  • Failing to understand that, “We are in this Together.” 

REMEMBER AS per WHO(World Health Organizations) Guidelines – to stop spread of COVID-19 Pandemic, to be observed by all of us is

  1. Face Mask Covering.
  2. Physical Distancing.
  3. Hand Wash with Soap or Sanitizer.
Are the only essentials to save & protect you in this world wide pandemic.
Without religiously following these steps, people are being mislead to buy  some devices or stuff which does not serve any meaningful purpose for the population at large.

NOTE: As COVID-19 is an evolving disease, Please refer to Local Govt Guidelines or consult a qualified Authority before taking any decisions in the interest of your own health and those of family members.

As can be observed, in regulatory documentation issued by : Government of India
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Directorate General of Health Services
(EMR Division)

Dated : 13-06-2020

The Word “Oximeter” is mentioned only once on PG 14 under section Management of COVID-19: symptomatic treatment; sub-section Management of Severe Cases

Yet, common people are being mislead in buying PULSE OXIMETER as a tool for protection against COVID-19.

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