Business ethics during Covid-19

 The definition of business ethics is the set of moral rules that govern how businesses operate, how business decisions are made and how people are treated.In business, there are many different people you have to answer to: customers, shareholders and clients.

                Modern Day World, Businesses, Individuals & Communities work in an integrated mix of complex dynamics – in which each has a corresponding rippling effect on other.

               No Longer can businesses or communities or individuals can shy away from their responsibility towards the other in the ecosystem in which they operate in.

Ethical Businesses DO NOT Sell Fear.
Flyby Night Operators will not Shy away
from selling these unwanted stuff to make a quick profit.

Even as governments, civil societies and businesses are trying their best to tackle the Covid-19 crisis, some sellers are not shying away from making money out of the suffering. 

REMEMBER AS per WHO Guidelines, common guidelines to be observed by all of us is

  1. Face Mask Covering.
  2. Physical Distancing.
  3. Hand Wash with Soap or Sanitizer.
Are the only essentials to save & protect you in this world wide pandemic.

What happens when you are sold such stuff which does not reduce your risks for COVID-19 exposures, false sense of security sets in, and in some case raised levels of anxiety if you cannot afford same. People/Businesses fail to understand that “people will remember, and will reciprocate.” 

Unless your medical condition warrants you to or your area of operation requires you to, one should not procure such items, do not fall prey in these marketing malpractice people are engaged in COVID-19 times. 

Medical devices should be procured only when advised by Qualified Doctors or Medical Authority. Flyby night operators use fear to offload them onto rich or poor people alike.

STAY away from being FOOLED, in disguise of fear and pretext that “you should have it, because you can afford it.” These uncertain times calls for even greater courage to “SAY NO” for being mislead / wrongly marketed / and being sold unwanted stuffs.  

Disclosure : As COVID-19 is an evolving disease, Please refer to Local Govt Guidelines or consult a qualified Authority before taking any decisions in the interest of your health and family members.

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